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Gallery Criteria

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COMMISSION POLICY:  The gallery takes NO commission or "Hanging Fees" The gallery exhibits art, it does not sell art. 
Incubator Studio Gallery has no pricing on individual works. The evaluation shall be listed  at consignment for inventory insurance reasons only.  The artist will post all contact information by the work, and will handle all sales extra mural of the gallery.
  Art work to be considered for specific shows, or for general consideration, should be submitted via email using jpegs or (preferably) with links to the artist's website. NO SLIDES PLEASE!!! Regrettably, for logistical and economic reasons, the gallery does not accept art work from outside the metro N.Y.C. region. 
Unless otherwise noted or agreed to, all works for an upcoming show shall be delivered and installed by the artists. Day and date to be determined per each exhibition.  All works of previous shows to be removed by the artists or their duly authorized agents the evening of the ending of that show .
  Work accepted for shows must be "dry" or "cured" and ready to hang with wire or attachment affixed. If it is to be a push pin mounting it should be so noted and previously agreed to. The work must arrive in a timely fashion (see below) and protected in a secure container or wrapping. The work shall have title, address, artist's name, phone# attached to the back of the work (The gallery may not be around in a year, or, we could move. If a collector wishes to acquire more of you work, a tag on the work is vital. I suggest you list your email). The artist will provide a second tag for each work listing the title, contact information and artist's name.   The artist is responsible for mounting all work, with the assistance of the gallery- 
  All works are to be retrieved by the artist or their designated agent on the LAST day of the show after 6 PM , or at a previously agreed time. Work left in the gallery for more than 30 days beyond the close of the show to which it was submitted shall be considered "abandoned property", to be disposed of as the gallerist sees fit. 
If no prior agreement was entered into that effect, the early removal of each art work prior to the stipulated END OF SHOW date with out the substitution of another work will incur a "de-mounting" fee of $100. per art work (please do NOT leave a "hole" in the exhibition.
PHYSICAL >Except for certain events, the gallery is only open to the general public on Sundays, from 1 PM till 6 PM. Please keep in mind when selecting works that the gallery is quite small at about 120 sq. ft.